Monday, December 19, 2011

Filter idea- it is a good idea to have less polution but with some of the hazardous waste could be a potiential problem for this idea.  But still the disposal is a pitfall that needs to be considered. 

Hydrophobic computer casing-  it s a fantastic idea to protect your computer and seem like there is no pitfalls and they had a very great presentation.

Smaller gunpowder-it seems like a good idea but might seem to be more expensive then making just original gun powder.  it seems like a feasabile idea but seems the cost would overcome the benefit of it. 

Syring Innoculations-seems like idea is a good one but needs to find their idea for the patch.  seems like they dont know the application.  It seems feasible and the possiblility of it actually becoming a real thing is high.

Gecko application- it is a good idea but with the enviornmental aspects seems like it could be a potiential problem with the aspestous dust.  and regulation of this would have to be strict.  Some pitfalls of this idea is the enviornmental.

Nano tire tread- the treat is a good idea for protecting against hydroplaning and other enviornmental concerns.  the idea is feasible and seems like tire companys should look into this idea and figure out a way to do this.  I dont see too many pitfalls on this idea just maybe testing it more and seeing if the nano particles would erode out the rode faster.

Fheet- Fheet is something i would buy if i saw it i have poor circulation in my feet so looking over this presentation i see why i would like it.  it is feasible seem like there are some thing related to this idea so just expanding on their idea would work out well. 

Nano glasses-it is a good idea it helps people with anyone who is vision impaired but seems like the future is lazer eye surgery or fixing them.  But this idea is more feaible then lazer eye surgery for everyone.  Creation of the glasses would be one of the pitfalls and maybe the cost of such glasses would be tough.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Post 12
The article was about how to use a quantum mechanical method to figure out how the metal nanoparticles are absorbed by molecular nanoparticles. the way they interated was studied by penn state.
this article referenced the high hydrophobic effects of nanoparticles on a glass bead to sit on top of water and how this will correlate to the how they interact with the water.
How the nanoparticles are arrayed affects the reflective properties.  If the nanoparticles are arranged in a square arrangement and tightly together they could possibly have an effect on the wavelength and disrupt the waves lengths in different ways.
This article was about the scratch resistant coating of nanoparticle on solar applications.  The less sunlight that is reflected off the surface the more energy the solar surface will absorb.
This article was about how they are using nanoparticles are used as an antibacterial to help disinfect and using silver nanoparticles to do so.  The silver nanoparticles to disinfect.
This reference was to the magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles and how they will interact with each other depending on type of nanoparticles they are using.

Blog Post 11

I think i will be the only one working on the my invention and for the poster.  I will be inventing a small nanoparticle that absorbs all alight so light wont reflect off of it's surface.  So pretty much the nanoparticle will be invisible and will not be able to be seen.  It will also be able to put on clothing and soak in to make it invisible. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blog 7 slide/light simulation
In quad one there is a vertical slit from the green laser shown through the slide.  From which the main green dot middle dot was the brightest while as you moved away from the center either up or down they became less bright.  7mm from middle dot to the second dot on either way. 
In quad two the orientation in which the green laser was shown through had a vertical orientation in which the dots went away from a middle dot which is the brightest while as the dots got further away the dots got less bright. 14 mm from the middle dot to the first dot and they grow farther apart and the dots move away.
The third area from which we shown the light through had a horizontal orientation from but had the same brightness as the other two areas.  The closer to the middle the brighter it became and the farther from the middle the less bright it was.  14mm is the second dot from the brightest middle dot.
The fourth area where the light was where the dots were farther apart from one another and the brightest dot was the middle dot and became less bright as the dots moved further away from the center. 
Also the distance the laser is from the lens does not affect the dots on the wall but the distance the lens is from the wall does have an effect on the dots shown on the wall.  As you move the lens further from the wall the farther apart the dots are. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Fast up and down would take more energy.

Add on NaCl post

one cube of salt =.7mm
5.49153314E 16 NaCl in one salt cube

.543 nm in a unit cell, 1,000,000 nm=1mm,  543,000 nm in 1mm cube of salt.  our cube of salt .77mm.  therefore, 543nm*.7mm =380,100nm.  we now have to cube it to get the volume.  380,000^3 =5.49153314E 16